We specialize in Seanchas - the history, law, and genealogy of Gaelic Ireland.


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Specializing in Seanchas  - the Ancient Genealogy, History, and Brehon Law of  Gaelic Ireland

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We help take Irish ancestors out of the shadows of the past.
Our service is Seanchas.                                                                          To pronounce it:  

This is Ireland's native tradition of history, law, and genealogy.  


We engage in ground-breaking research in areas known only to specialists in Celtic Studies and
Gaelic Ireland.


We publish books filled with amazing facts about Seanchas.  Much of the information we publish is
otherwise available only in ancient manuscripts or centuries-old primary source documents, and
nowhere else.


We write and provide free articles about ancient Irish Seanchas and the Irish Celts.


We provide answers to your questions about Gaelic culture.
Tabhair do shinsir isteach sa solas!   /   Bring your ancestors into the light!
Seanchas - Much More Than a Genealogy
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