Treibheanna Éireannacha
The Ancient Celtic Ancestry of
the MacDonnell Family of
Specializing in Seanchas  - the Ancient Genealogy, History, and Brehon Law of  Gaelic Ireland

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Seanchas - Much More Than a Genealogy
"Chomh fada siar agus atá siar ann!"

"As far back as back goes!"
Written by Gerald A. John Kelly, former Adjunct
Professor of Irish Language and Culture at
Fordham University, this book explores the untold
story of the ancestors of the MacDonnell family of
Thomond (North Munster, especially Co. Clare), for
over a millennium before they took the surname
Mac Domhnaill na Darach ('Son of Domhnall of The

Long considered lost, these are the genealogical
secrets of the Celtic Iron Age and Migration Period.  To
tell this story, the author has accessed the mass of
information preserved in the Irish Language since the
7th century in Ireland's most important genealogical
manuscripts.  These precious documents had been
hidden away in a handful of collections since the
physical and cultural genocide of the Gaeil in the 17th
century, and were therefore inaccessible until recently to
almost all Irish, their diaspora, and their genealogists.  
Happily, these Irish Language manuscripts have finally
been set in type and published after waiting between
350 and 850 years.  

Because this book uses and translates into English this
ancient but newly-available genealogical tradition as it
relates to the MacDonnell family of Thomond, it is the
first of its kind about this family in the modern era.  

Physical description - This is the Deluxe Paperback
Edition of 218 pages, 7 X 10 inch format, including 20
color illustrations and comprehensive indexing.

Caveat - Mac Domhnaill ('MacDonnell') is the surname
of three, distinct, unrelated sloinnte (extended,
surnamed families):  Mac Domhnaill na Darach of
Thomond, Mac Domhnaill of Fermanagh, and
MacDomhnaill of the Glens of Antrim.  This book
examines the pre-surname genealogies, history, myth
and Brehon Law of the MacDonnells of Thomond.    
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