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Specializing in Seanchas  - the Ancient Genealogy, History, and Brehon Law of  Gaelic Ireland

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Seanchas - Much More Than a Genealogy

This research is led by Jerry Kelly, whose father was a storyteller, his grandfather a
traditional musician, and his great-grandmother a
cara sidhe.  When he learned to read,
Jerry started with his grandfather's books filled with the history, myth, and folklore of
Ireland, and hasn't stopped since.

Irish Language & Cultural Activities
Jerry is a former Adjunct Professor of Irish Language and Culture at Fordham University.  
He currently teaches Irish Language & Culture in the Irish Studies Institute of Molloy
College.  He taught Irish Gaelic on behalf of The Irish Arts Center in New York from 1979
to 1981; plus mythology and Seanchas through the medium of the Irish Language at Scoil
Ghaeilge Ghearóid Tóibín / The Gerry Tobin Irish Language School from 1989 to 2007.  
In 2004, he helped re-organize Cumann Carad na Gaeilge / The Philo-Celtic Society and
instituted its on-line Irish Language school in 2007.  This has grown to become the
largest on-line Irish Language school in the world.

He currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Irish Studies Institute of Molloy College,
teaches Irish on behalf of Cumann Carad na Gaeilge / The Philo-Celtic Society
( and writes the Seanchas column for the Irish Language magazine
AN GAEL.  He is a member of the American Conference for Irish Studies and the
American Irish Teachers' Association.

Jerry is working towards his Master's degree in Celtic Studies at the University of Wales.  
He is also a graduate of Yale University and the Harvard Business School.  His
course-work at Yale and Harvard included Celtic linguistics, archaeology of the Western
world and the Middle East, Old Irish, Minoan & Mycenaean archaeology, Modern Irish, the
Indo- European cultural expansion and its mythology, Celtic mythology, classical
civilization including Greek and Roman religion and Homeric epic, early Irish historical
tales, and the early modern history of England and Celtic Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, and

His favorite areas of research include the Irish in Colonial America, advanced Irish
grammar, and Seanchas.  Until the 17th century, Seanchas was the indivisible
combination of Brehon law, history, and genealogy as applied to Irish clans and tribes.  

Jerry is the author of The Ancient Celtic Ancestry of the O'Brien Family (Druid Press,
The Ancient Celtic Ancestry of the Considine Family (Druid Press, 2012), and
Before the Kilt - How The Irish and Scots Dressed (and thought) in the 16th Century
(Druid Press, 2011).